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SUNY at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY 11790
Ph.D. in Chemistry, August, 1993

Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50010
B.S. in Chemistry, 1983


34+ years of experience in industrial chemical research in corporate labs, involving a broad spectrum of projects. Skilled in designing processes, equipment, experiments. Skilled in fabrication of equipment. Skilled in data analysis and interpretation. Worked well with other colleagues. Made significant contributions to research programs in multiple and diverse areas such as material synthesis, spectroscopy, adsorption, separation, vacuum, pressure, chemistry and physics.

June 1996-  Owner
Present    Experimental Equipment Design, Inc.
        422 Rick Rd., Hampton, NJ 08827-4302

  • R&D of extruded zeolite monoliths for pipeline gas separation program (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • R&D of self-supported zeolite/catalytic structures via 3D printing negative molds (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Design/Fabrication of two low energy heated liquid media membrane modules (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Design of zeolite synthesis flow unit, also used for synthesis of MOFs (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Contract work to design and construct a hydrotreater for algae bio-oil. Visited PNNL to learn about their hydrothermal and hydrotreater units and research. (Algenol, Ft. Myers, FL).
  • R&D support for high performance compressible objects (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Design/Fabrication of three Doctor Blade units for casting 100, 50 and 25 micron thin films of zeolite and binder on flat SS plates (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Designed and fabricated a dynamic impact tester (Schering-Plough).
  • Design and fabricated a compact HP packed bed module (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Designed and fabricated a bubbler module, MAWP: 3000 kPa (435 psi) @250 ºC (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Bolted press for Sterlitech Sepa CF cell installed at refinery (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Low energy separations flat plate membrane module (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • High pressure and temperature ECN membrane module (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Small-angle light scattering/UV heated block (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • High pressure and temperature TNO/Kyocera fiber membrane module (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • High pressure and temperature disk membrane module (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Contract work at National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL), Tallahassee, FL (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Membrane conductivity cell design (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • High pressure ECN membrane module (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Syringe holder (Haliburton).
  • High temperature and magnetic field dilatometer (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Acoustic drive permeance system for coupled wave project, used for acoustic NMR experiment (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Contract work for University of Hull (Hull, United Kingdom).
  • High accuracy pressure data acquisition system (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Designed, fabricated and supplied package to upgrade a high temperature reactor (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • R&D support for CO2/gas field separation program (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Contract work for Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung (Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany).
  • Fabricated sixteen double cell IR cell slides (Hamilton Sunstrand).
  • Designed and fabricated two gas delivery systems for kinetic measurements of hydrogen uptake in a reactor. (Degussa-Hüls, Germany).
  • Designed and fabricated ethylene/propylene delivery system for kinetic measurements during polymerization reactions (Stanford University).
  • R&D support for xylenes separation program (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Support for design of remote heated IR cell (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Designed, installed and tested double cell slide for heated sampling system (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Contract work July 1997 to present (ExxonMobil Research & Eng.).
  • Configured data acquisition system using Labtech Notebook software (Merck & Co., Inc.).

Sept. 1990-  Consultant/Contractor/Nonregular employee
May 1996   ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Co.
        Annandale, NJ 08801

  • Worked from Feb. 1 – Feb. 22, 1996 training and setting up laboratory equipment at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung (Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany).
  • Involved in the design and development of a heated sample system for ExxonMobil affiliates (Sensor and Analyzer group, KVB/Analect).
  • Designed a high temperature (700 ºC) X-ray reaction cell for ExxonMobil's beamline at Brookhaven. (Beamline group).
  • Recommended designs and a potential vendor for a high temperature Raman cell to Tonen analytical managers (Tonen is ExxonMobil's Japanese affiliate).
  • Determined with ExxonMobil Chemical Ltd. contact, Ed Lehmann, specifications for a particle size analyzer, identified a vendor, contacted vendor and arranged demonstrations and tested unit. The Abingdon, England chemical group purchased a unit from the vendor.
  • Laser desorption time of flight mass spectroscopy of polymers (Dr. Don Cox).
  • Development of gas adsorption apparatus for metal nanoparticle colloids (Dr. John Bradley).
  • Development of laser assisted production of nanoparticles of metal oxides/carbides (Dr. Don Cox).
  • Designed FTIR system for remote monitoring of gas adsorbed on the surface of metal nanoparticle colloids in a high pressure flow cell (Dr. John Bradley).
  • Development of a DC/RF sputtering and liquid aerosol vacuum system for the production of gram quantities of metal nanoparticle colloids (Dr. John Bradley).
  • Designed resistive gun with a liquid aerosol for TORROVAP metal vapor rotary reactor (Dr. John Bradley).
  • Modification/Development of a vacuum chamber for the production of fullerenes (Dr. Don Cox).
  • ESR of organic charge transfer complexes (Dr. Long Chiang).
  • Interfaced experiments to PC using Strawberry Tree data acquisition products (Dr. John Bradley).

March 1986-  Research Assistant (SUNY at Stony Brook)
Sept. 1990   ExxonMobil Research & Eng. Co.
        Annandale, NJ 08801
        Adjunct Professor and Thesis Advisor – Dr. Hans Thomann

  • Development of Pulsed ENDOR/ESE spectrometer.
  • Development and construction of Pulsed ENDOR and ESE low temperature assemblies and probes.
  • Set up low temperature Janis dewar and designed vacuum system.
  • Drawings for new Varian electromagnet pole pieces, Walker Scientific fabricated, removed old set and installed new set.
  • Worked out phase cycling for 2- and 3- pulse ESE sequences.
  • ESR of La2-x-zSrxCuO4-y precursor to high temperature superconductors.
  • 14N Pulsed ENDOR of Cu2+ Doped Zn2+ Polyimidazoles.


ENDOR (Electron Nuclear DOuble Resonance)
ESR (Electron Spin Resonance)
ESE (Electron Spin Echo)
NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)
TNO (Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research)
ECN (Energy research Centre of the Netherlands)
PNNL (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
MOF (Metal-Organic Framework)
MAWP (Maximum Allowable Working Pressure)
NHMFL (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory)


Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), International Society of Automation (ISA) and American Chemical Society (ACS)


US10710053B2 Granted July 14, 2020
Self-Supporting Structures Having Active Materials

US10549230B2 Granted Feb. 4, 2020
Self-Supporting Structures Having Active Materials

US2012/0225799A1 Granted Sept. 6, 2012
Systems and Methods for Forming High Performance Compressible Objects

US005952421A Granted Sept 14, 1999
Synthesis of Preceramic Polymer Stabilized Metal Colloids and Their Conversion to Microporous Ceramics

IPCOM000265216D at IP.com March 15, 2021
Method of Monolith Bed Assembly for Scale Up


AutoCAD, Alibre, Igor, Excel, LaTeX, Metalworking, Woodworking, Vacuum, High pressure, Vapor phase porosimetry, Gas permeance testing, Membrane module design, Magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Low(Liquid He) and High(Plasma) Temperature, Sputtering, Zeolite membrane growth on ceramic disks and fibers, P&ID, Unit design, Process components, Mechanical components, RF/Microwave components, Gas breakthrough units, Data acquisition.

Familiar with: Material properties in design, LabVIEW, MATLAB, Fortran, Python, UV/Nd:YAG Lasers, HTML, Gas chromatographs, Process mass spectrometers, UV spectroscopy, FTIR spectroscopy, Adsorption, Soxhlet extraction, Catalysis, Glovebox, High current and voltage, Welding, Acetylene torch, Small displacement motion, Electronics, Air sensitive material handling, Ceramic machining, Leak detectors, 3D printing, Flow synthesis.


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